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Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Comic Relief/Political Satire for Election Day?

Today is Election Day in Canada.  Canadians have endured a very long, 78-day campaign, and most of us are suffering from election campaign fatigue.  To help alleviate that fatigue, I thought I’d suggest two humourous books about Canadian politics.  (I am not a reader of comedy, preferring mine to be of the stand-up kind or in the form of television shows or film, but members of my book club have enjoyed both of these books and highly recommend them.)

The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis

This political satire won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and CBC Canada Reads.

“A burnt-out political aide quits just before an election--but is forced to run a hopeless campaign on the way out.  He makes a deal with a crusty old Scot, Angus McLintock--an engineering professor who will do anything, anything, to avoid teaching English to engineers--to let his name stand in the election.  No need to campaign, certain to lose, and so on.
“Then a great scandal blows away his opponent, and to their horror, Angus is elected.  He decides to see what good an honest M.P. who doesn’t care about being re-elected can do in Parliament.  The results are hilarious--and with chess, a hovercraft, and the love of a good woman thrown in, this very funny book has something for everyone” (

The High Road by Terry Fallis

This book, the sequel to The Best Laid Plans, continues the story of Angus McLintock, an amateur politician who dares to tell the truth.

“Just when Daniel Addison thinks he can escape his job as a political aide, Angus McLintock, the no-hope candidate he helped into Parliament, throws icy cold water over his plans.  Angus has just brought down the government with a deciding vote.  Now the crusty Scot wants Daniel to manage his next campaign.
"Soon Daniel is helping Angus fight an uphill battle against "Flamethrower" Fox, a Conservative notorious for his dirty tactics.  Together they decide to take "The High Road" and--against all odds--turn the race into a nail-biter with hilarious ups and downs, cookie-throwing seniors, and even a Watergate-style break-in.  But that's only the beginning.  Add a political storm in the capital and a side-splitting visit from the U.S. President and his alcoholic wife, and Terry Fallis's second novel is a wildly entertaining read full of deft political satire and laugh-out-loud comedy” (

So . . . go and vote.  And then check out one of these books so, whether the results are the ones you wanted or disappoint you, at least you can have a few laughs.