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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comic Books, Manga, and Graphic Novels

I am not a comic book reader now, but I certainly was when I was young.  It was not unusual for me to spend allowance or gift money on comics like Wonder Woman and Archie.  In fact, my first introduction to many literary works was via Classics Illustrated, a comic book series featuring adaptations of classics.  I think there may still be some copies of those comics stashed away in the attic of my childhood home.  As a teacher-librarian, I saw first-hand how graphic novels and manga could get even the most reluctant of readers to open a book.  So it is re-assuring to learn that sales of comics have increased – I tend to read contemporary literary fiction and mysteries, but I cheer for reading of all genres.

I will add a personal note and recommend a shop for comic books, manga, and graphic novels; if you are in Toronto, stop by The Beguiling.  Check out their website which even includes reviews:  And even if you are not near Toronto, you can have your favourites shipped to you.