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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Canadian Book Advent Calendar (Day 6) - "F" is for Findley

For this year’s advent calendar, I am recommending Canadian authors/books found on Schatje’s Shelves.  Again, to make things more interesting/challenging, I will use the alphabet, skipping “X” and “Z”.  In total, I propose to focus on 50 Canadian writers, an early nod to Canada's 150th birthday next year.

“F” is for Timothy Findley
Timothy Findley was a novelist and playwright.  His writing is typical of the Southern Ontario Gothic style, a term Findley invented, and was heavily influenced by Jungian psychology.  Mental illness, gender and sexuality are frequent recurring themes in his work.  Many of his novels centre on a protagonist who is struggling to find the moral and ethical and rational course of action in a situation that has spun out of control. His characters often carry dark personal secrets, and are often by these burdens.

The Last of the Crazy People
The Butterfly Plague
The Wars (1977 Governor-General’s Award)
Famous Last Words
Not Wanted on the Voyage
The Telling of Lies
The Piano Man's Daughter