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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dan Brown Tours

I’m not a fan of Dan Brown’s novels, though his sales suggest that I am in the minority.  If you are a devotee, there are a number of tours you can take which follow the novels.

If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you can take a two-hour self-guided tour of Paris through the main places described in the novel ( or a four-hour guided tour ( 
If you want to focus just on the Louvre, try this tour where a “symbologist” lets you revisit Robert Langdon’s around the Musée du Louvre. This tour ( begins and ends where his fictional caper does. 
If you want to visit the locations featured in the London leg of Dan Brown’s novel, there’s a tour for that too:
And if you’re a real aficionado of the book and film, check out The Da Vinci Code Trail, a nine-day tour:

If Angels and Demons is your favourite, you can choose between a self-guided tour of Rome ( or a four-hour guided tour (

The third book in the Robert Langdon series is The Lost Symbol.  It is set in Washington so why not do a self-guided tour featuring the landmarks from that novel:

The latest book in the series is Inferno.  It begins in Florence, and there are several tours from which to choose.  You can do a two-hour tour (, a half-day one (, or a full-day walking tour (
There’s a Venice segment in the novel and of course there is a tour for that as well:

The fifth book in the series, Origin, will be released this fall.  Who knows where it will take you.