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Friday, June 9, 2017

Travel Memoirs

I’ve blogged about several travel destinations and travel accommodations for book lovers:

vacationing in Scotland and running a bookstore for a week:

browsing in the world’s biggest bookstores:

touring filming locations for Game of Thrones:

browsing through quirky bookstores around the world:

having a glass of wine in a hotel bar with a library:

visiting the world’s largest chained library:

touring the sites of one or more of Dan Brown’s bestsellers:

Since I’ve devoted so many entries to travel, I thought it only appropriate to suggest some travel memoirs.  Non-fiction is not something I read often, but when I do, travel memoirs are my usual choice. 

Here are two sites which give some suggestions for travel memoirs which sound interesting to me:

And here’s an interesting article about female travel writers and some of their works: