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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Margaret Atwood Wins More Awards

Margaret Atwood just keeps adding to the literary prizes she has won.  October will be a busy month for her as she will collect three more awards. 

It has been announced that she is this year’s recipient of the Franz Kafka Prize which is given in recognition of the entirety of an author’s work.  The prize is intended to “reward artistically exceptional literary production of a contemporary author whose work addresses readers regardless of their origin, nationality, or culture, like the work of Franz Kafka.”  Atwood is to receive the award in Prague this October at the traditional award ceremony in Old Town Hall, where she’ll be given the main symbol of the prize, a bronze statuette of the city’s Franz Kafka monument. She’ll also receive $10,000 (US). (

Atwood has also won Germany's 2017 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade for her "political intuition and a deeply perceptive ability to detect dangerous and underlying developments."  The €25,000 (approx. $37,000 CAN) prize honours those who "reflect the German book trade's commitment to the promotion of international understanding." The prize is funded entirely by donations from booksellers and publishers.  "Humanity, justice and tolerance are the unvarying characteristics of Atwood's work," a statement from the Board of Trustees of the prize said. "Through her, we experience who we are, where we stand and what responsibilities we carry with regard to ourselves and our peaceful coexistence with others."  Atwood will receive the award on Oct. 15, 2017 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  (

In addition, Atwood is being awarded a lifetime achievement award from the PEN Center USA for her "visionary" storytelling and remarkable body of work.  "Throughout her career, Ms. Atwood has vividly explored elements of the human experience - power, oppression, complacency, language - expertly and with such conviction," said Michelle Franke, executive director of PEN Center USA.  "Her body of work is to the bone, sometimes visionary in its presentation of the past, present and futures foretold. How has she done this? By writing with a kind of knowing, an unflinching trust in historical cycles."  Atwood will accept this latest honour at a literary awards festival in October.  (