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Friday, August 18, 2017

Writing a Character Sketch of Donald J. Trump

Considering all the drama emanating from the White House, people may sometimes feel they are living in a fictional world from which they would like to escape.  BookRiot recently speculated about our being trapped in a novel with Donald Trump as a main character.  Read what readers/reviewers might say:

When I was teaching English, I taught students how to write a character sketch; before asking them to write one for a character in the novel we were reading, I would have them write one for a famous person or fictional character everyone could identify.  If I were teaching today, I know a lot of students would choose to write their sketch of Donald J. Trump.

I imagine statements like the following: 
Donald J. Trump is a totally egotistical character who only ever thinks of how things impact him.  Every speech, regardless of the topic, will eventually have him mentioning his accomplishments which will, in virtually all cases, be greatly exaggerated.  He expects total loyalty, even if that means not defending the country’s Constitution.
Trump has poor impulse control which causes him to say stupid things without considering the impact of his words.  He tweets constantly and obviously doesn’t stop to check what he is going to post.  He is like a bully who cannot control his emotions and resorts to threats of revenge.    
The 45th president is also very hypersensitive; to say he has a thin skin is to understate the extent of his sensitivity to criticism.  Should anyone be even mildly critical of him, he lashes out.  A deep sense of insecurity probably lies at the bottom of this touchiness. 

If you were going to write a character sketch of Donald Trump, what traits would you highlight?