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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jane Austen Day

Today, on the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, the Bank of England unveiled its new £10 note that features the author.

Of course, since it’s a noteworthy day, a number of sites have prepared special features about Jane Austen. 

Signature has a 26-page PDF entitled The Essential Guide to Jane Austen which has 12 articles including titles such as “10 Lessons for 21st-Century Women from Jane Austen,” “Jane Austen Secret Radical: A Book-by-Book Breakdown,” “Austen Heartland:  A Guide to Jane Austen Houses and Places,” and “6 Jane Austen Novels Ranked by Their Sexiness.”  Go to to download the guide for free.

BookRiot has 15 articles about Jane Austen, including discussion of film and comic book adaptations of her novels: .  For a chuckle, make certain to read “From Pemberley to Trump Tower: Jane Austen Quotes Meet Trump Tweets.” 

If you want to test your knowledge of Austen’s novels, go to

Since I’m Canadian, I loved this feature from CBC Books:  Some Canadian books are recommended depending on which Jane Austen character is your favourite.