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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The ART of Books and Reading

Reading has often been the subject of art.  I’ve started a Pinterest board which I’ve entitled The Art of Reading which has, thus far, 370 pins:  My Pinterest board is certainly not the most extensive.  Check out  which has 52 boards devoted to the art of reading  which its owner, Charlotte T. Jackson, describes as “An evolving library science/art history project on Readers in Art- how this theme has evolved over the centuries, and differences in portrayals of the sexes.”

One of my prize possessions is a Delft tile based on a Rembrandt painting depicting a woman reading a book, and another is a Boch Frères plate depicting an old woman reading, but Schatje’s Shelves also has an art book that illustrates the joy of reading:  
   Reading Women by Stefan Bollmann is a selection of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of women reading through the ages.  (This book was also published under the title Women Who Read are Dangerous.)

Of course, books themselves possess beauty.  
A Book of Books has 52 black-and-white photographs of unusual books by Abelardo Morell.  For once, I agree with a book jacket blurb:  “A visual tribute to the printed word, this sumptuous ode to books will be irresistible to anyone who treasures the touch of fine paper.”

Update:  And then there's the art made from books: