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Sunday, February 19, 2017

R.I.P. Stuart McLean - Canada's Storyteller

Today is Sunday, and for years and years, I spent an hour each Sunday listening to Stuart McLean’s The Vinyl Café on CBC Radio.

Many of the stories from the radio show were compiled in books:  
Stories from the Vinyl Cafe (1995)
Home from the Vinyl Cafe (1998)
Vinyl Cafe Unplugged (2001)
Vinyl Cafe Diaries (2003)
Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe (2006)
Extreme Vinyl Café (2009)
The Vinyl Cafe Notebooks (2010)
Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe (2012)
Time Now For The Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange (2013)
Vinyl Cafe Turns the Page (2015)

He received the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for three times and was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for his contributions to Canadian culture as a storyteller and broadcaster, as well as for his many charitable activities.  I’ve mentioned more than once how the reading of Stuart’s story “Dave Cooks the Turkey” is a Christmas tradition in my home. 

As I’m sure all Canadians know, Stuart McLean died earlier this week.  There will be a hole in my weekly listening to CBC.  Thankfully, many of the stories are available in both print and audio form so it is possible to read the stories only Stuart could write and listen to them as only he could read them.  I know I will be revisiting Dave and Morley and their family and friends for years to come.

R.I.P. Stuart McLean 
An entire country thanks you.