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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quirky Bookstores

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the biggest bookshops in the world to visit.  If big isn’t your thing, how about “quirky”?  Bookstr made a bucket list of “well-loved and quirky” book stores:

Of the 20 on the list, two are in Canada, both in or near Toronto:  The Monkey’s Paw, which has a coin-operated vending machine filled with old books, and a self-proclaimed World’s Smallest Bookstore which sells books on the honour system. 

The Monkey’s Paw website is at .

The World’s Smallest Bookstore, unfortunately, is now closed, though here’s an informative article about it and its owners: 
At this bookstore, visitors could pick up complimentary handbills titled “Why I Love Books” with the following reasons listed: 
1) Books are silent.
2) Books do not require hydro.
3) Books do not interrupt
4) Books open easily — no switches or remotes
5) Books can be shut up easily anytime
6) Books cannot be offended
7) Books do not talk back
8) Books do not demand T.L.C. — but get it anyway.
9) Books do not require food or water
10) Books will not feel neglected
11) Books will not send you on a guilt trip if you lose interest or ignore them
12) Books never require medical attention
13) Books do not have commercials
14) A book does not go into a snit if you look at another book
15) A book won’t mind if you are reading more than book at a time.

I guess the Pushcart Bookshop in Sedgwick, Maine, (which was mentioned in yesterday’s blog) is indeed the world’s smallest bookstore: